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Theatre Artist and Educator

Month: August, 2011

Announcing the 2011-2012 Jewell Theatre Season

Mainstage Series

The 2011-2012 main stage plays show us individuals caught in tumultuous storms of political intrigue, religious games playing, individual posturing, and corrupt use of power.

A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt

November 10-12 @ 7:00 PM, also 2:00 on November 12

In Robert Bolt’s play, Thomas More, Chancellor of England remains silent when Henry VIII demands that More support Henry’s divorce from Catherine to marry Anne Boleyn. More’s integrity of conscience is tested to the extreme in the presence of yes men and the common throng that follows the flow of history. A play not to be missed; the characters and what they say tend to have a marked impact on audiences.

Living Creation by Francis Warner (US Premiere)

April 12-14 @ 7:00 PM, also 2:00 on April 14

Art and religion don’t mix. Politics and religion don’t mix. Or they do depending on who is controlling the mix. Lorenzo de’ Medici, magnetic ruler of fifteenth century Golden Age Florence, Italy finds himself caught between the spring like beauty of Botticelli’s paintings and the religious rigidity of the book burning Savonarola. Lorenzo teeters in his faith. Botticelli begins to temper his Greco-Roman themes in his art. The plague, a platonic interpretation of Christianity, and corruption in the Roman Church intensify the roiling events of the time. This play in its United States premiere is written by renowned Oxford playwright Francis Warner and is part of his mammoth thirteen playAgora which focuses on great epochs in human history from ancient Greece to the twentieth century.

Tickets to Mainstage productions are $8, and $5 with a Jewell ID.

Student Series

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) by The Reduced Shakespeare Co.

February 3 & 4 @ 7:00 PM

A Senior Theatre Performance by Karina Bielecki

38 plays. 3 actors. 1 literary genius. Three Shakespearean “experts” attempt to condense all of the playwright’s wit, passion, tragedy, romance, swordfights, and star-crossed lovers into one evening’s performance. Can it be done? Even if it can’t, the results are bound to be entertaining.

All Seats are only $5.

Jewell Theatre Showcase

December 7 and May 2 @ 7:00

Jewell Theatre students perform and display their work from class.

Free Admission


Exciting News from Jewell Theatre!

It’s the second week of August already and that means school is just around the corner.  It’s been a busy summer at Jewell Theatre and there area a lot of new and exciting things to celebrate!

Jewell Theatre Symposium

In June, Jewell Theatre hosted it’s first High School Theatre Symposium.  We had about 20 students from 7 different area high schools at Peters Theater for a day of workshops.  Several alumns from the program were back to teach workshops and get to know these students: Adam Martin (’05) who teaches at North Kansas City High School, Tiffany Croom (’04) now at Kearney High School, Katherine (Myers) Gehrlein (’11) starting her first year at Eastgate Middleschool, and Brian Gehrlein (’10) who will be performing at the Coterie Theatre at Crown Center soon.  We also had artist Julianne Donovan of Keen Bee Creative on hand to teach a workshop as well.  Some workshops offered were Stage Combat, Old Age Makeup, Stage Lighting, and Shakespeare 101.  Everyone had a great time, but better yet, those students want to come back next summer for a full week of Jewell Theatre Camp!  So be on the lookout for information about that! Click HERE for some photos from the event.

Digital Media Laboratory

With the help of Rob Quinn, chair of the Department of Art, we wrote a grant to get two iMacs to share between our departments.  Our plans were to combine our resources to begin to assemble a computer lab for artists at Jewell.  Our grant proposal was accepted with some additional support from the Provost’s office.  So, what started as a lab with 8 iMacs, is becoming a lab with12 iMacs in a dedicated space in Brown Hall!  Room G-07, below the theatre and on the same level as Art, is right now being equipped with furniture and technology for this lab.  Art courses in Computer Graphics and Digital Photography will make use of the room as well as Theatre courses teaching sound and video editing and posters and programs.   Photos to come.

Art & Theatre Design Studio

Across the hall from the Digital Media Lab will be the Design Studio for both Art and Theatre students!  This room (Brown Hall G-10) was formerly the Psychology Experimental Lab.  New Drawing tables and storage cabinets are being installed to make this room an up-to-date creative space!  One of the main bonuses of using this room is the simple fact of having running water; there is a sink for easy clean up of paint and brushes. The room will also be set up with a fridge, microwave, speakers with iPod hook up, and a lounge area with soft seating.  It should be a great spot for work and play.  Photos to come.

Guest Artist- Tina Campbell

This fall we welcome Tina Campbell as our guest artist who will be designing and building costumes for our fall play production.  Tina is a graduate of UMKC’s MFA Theatre Design program.  She also taught for several years at Marquett University in Wisconsin as the Costume Designer and Shop Manager.  She comes highly reccomended and is fully qualified to do the job.  So, welcome Ms. Tina Campbell when you arrive or visit campus.

2011-2012 Jewell Theatre Season- Historical and sometimes histerical!

Our season of shows this year all have a bit of a historical theme.  The Mainstage offierings are:

     A Man For All Seasons by Robert Bolt

     November 10-12 @ 7:00 PM, also 2:00 on the 11/12

     Living Creation by Francis Warner (US Premiere)

     April 12-14 @ 7:00 PM, also 2:00 on the 4/14

     Regular admission $8, $5 with a Jewell ID

The Student Series includes:

     The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) by The Reduced Shakespeare Co.

     A Senior Theatre Performance by Karina Bielecki

    February 3 & 4 @ 7:00 PM

     All Seasts $5

     Jewell Theatre Showcase

     December 7 and May 2 @ 7:00

     Free Admission

In Summary

Like I said, there is a lot to celebrate this fall when students come back to campus.  We at Jewell Theatre are excited to get this year started.  Please come back often to read what is going on.  We’ll be posting photos and maybe even some video of things we’re doing!  You can also visit us on Facebook and always email us at